Packing / Shipping 

Small flat objects can be packed and shipped very simply. Use envelopes with extra cardboard, boxes, and tubes to ship with UPS, the USPS, and FedEx, or a fine arts carrier. Write Do not Bend or Fragile on the package.

For larger objects, please use the following as a guide. By all means use a pre-made box or structure, bubble wrap, or anything else to cushion the object for safe travel. Please call for advice on really large or delicate objects that require special handling and shipping.




Please do not send framed objects. Snap a picture and remove the object from the frame before packing and shipping. This will lighten the load, reduce costs, keep the frame safe, and keep the object from potential broken glass or plastic. Even if you tape the glass, it can still break and damage the object or injure the person handling the package.


Making the Inside Package

Take the object out of the frame or have your local frame shop do it for you. Leave the item attached to its mat or backing material. Enclose the object in clean white or brown paper material and carefully tape this onto a piece of cardboard – see image below - that is at least 2” to 3” larger than the artwork. (Don't tape directly to the object - put paper or plastic between tape and object)



Wrap a plastic garbage bag or use a giant Ziploc bag (4XL bags are 20x24inches) around the package and make it as flat as possible. This will keep the object safer from water damage.


Please include a packing slip that lists your name, contact information and a description of all objects in the package. Include any directions needed to safely open the package.


Place the slip inside the package and on the outside. Send a copy of the slip in email as well.


Important Take pictures of the object before closing the package. This will be part of the record for insurance, for the shipping company, and for the conservator, should something occur between shipping and delivery points.

 Making the Outside Package


Cut pieces of corrugated cardboard just larger than what the object is now taped to. You can use fewer layers if using double layer cardboard or other stronger material. Alternate the corrugation of the cardboard to increase strength. Use packing tape to securely attach the top and bottom layers to each side of the inner sleeve by wrapping tape around the edges to seal the package.

Placement of Do not Bend and Fragile stickers reminds people of what is inside and will help with any issues that may arise. Air on the side of caution when sending your objects by package service.


 Sending the Package

 Send the package with a tracking number, any added shipping insurance, and delivery confirmation. The best would be to have signature delivery to ensure proper delivery. 

Thank you.