Conservation repair services for Paper Materials

Drawings, diplomas, watercolors, prints, historic documents and manuscripts, posters, maps, architectural plans and drawings, and historic wallpapers, car manuals, billboards, pastels, vellum & parchment documents, and more.


Repair work fixes problems that relate to the structure of the object such as: 

  • Creases and folds, 
  • Punctures, 
  • Tears and missing parts, 
  • Sticky tapes and adhesives, 
  • Fire and flood damage damage, 
  • Tightly rolled or warped objects. 
  • Etc,.
Repair work that hopes to fix the aesthetic damage to the image and media:
  • Water stains, foxing 
  • Excessive dirt, bug droppings
  • Tidelines
  • Mold
  • Scratched image material
  • Stuck on material
  • Etc,.

 Practical & Effective solutions

 Treatment solutions are designed to alleviate the the structural and lower the visual problems of the damaged objects. Cleaning, repair and in-painting of distracting image losses will impart greater longevity and visual appeal.